Behind our restaurant you can see the shining kettles of the Homeland brewery. Here we brew our exclusive craft beers in small batches. Our beers are only available at a small selection of special bars in Amsterdam. And off course the bar in Homeland is the first place where you'll find them. 

Are you coming over for dinner? Let our staff surprise you with excellent beer pairings for each dish.

The Homeland beers

Our brewery produces an ever changing array of special brews. At the moment these are the available beers:


Our speltbeer has a fresh smell. The spelt gives the beer a full and creamy taste with a hint of fruity lime. This one is a light summerbeer with lots of taste and little alcohol. Made with spelt, barley, Hallertau hop and yeast. Alc 4,5 %

Pieremegoggel Saison

Dry beer with a very typical Saison – yeastprofile. The Citra – hop gives the beer a fresh smell and the hibiscus brings in a light sour taste and a distinct colour. Very special, tasty and drinkable beer!  Alc 5,9 %

Katzwijm IPA

Our IPA, solid hop taste which originates in the American hops. Resinous and fruity smell. A little bitter undertone. Light colour which comes from the light malts. Smooth and balanced. Alc 6,5 %

Kielzog Tripel

A triple which came into being with the generous help of our chef! The hop and corianderseeds bring in a fresh, citrus scent. Fennel is hidden in the taste which adds a pleasant sweet taste. Furthermore: bananas, raisins, light bitter and a full complexion. Alc 7,3 %

Iced Pale Ale (currently not in production) 

Homelands Iced Pale Ale has a full body and a sweet taste. We froze our Pale Ale to get a fuller and stronger beer. The colour originates in the caramelmalts, which are also responsible for the cloudy body. Alc 8 %

Kolenkit (currently not in production) 

The kolenkit has a red / brown colour and is a American Amber Ale. Malty beer with a delightful hop touch. This beers will work perfectly together with grilled soft meat, soft cheeses and fresh bread. Alc 6,5 %

Bock (currently not in production) 

This bottom fremented bockbeer is slightly sweet and has a full taste. A mokka smell combined with hop and dark malts give this one a chocolate taste. Alc 7 %

Session IPA / Luwte

Lovely hoppy beer and for sure not too bitter. The perfect glass to have a couple more. Alc 3,5 %. We have produced this together with Poesiat & Kater.

Black RPA (currently not in production) 

A IPA made with rye and black malts. Full, spicy. Light bitter and flowers. Alc 7 %. Made together with the Bebaarde Brouwer.

Berliner Weisse (currently not in production) 

A fresh beer with a slight sour take. Light alcohol and very easy drinkable. Alc 4,5 %. A cooperation of Homeland Brewery and Walhalla.

Dubbel (currently not in production) 

A double with a distinct full taste. Nutty smell, caramel and a creamy aftertaste. Alc 6,5 %. A cooperation of Homeland Brewery and Oedipus. 

Zeebonk, New England IPA, Alc 7,1 %.

Zwaartbaard, Russian Imperial Stout, Alc 10,5 %.

We do serve a variety of beercocktails in our bar.

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