Homeland Brewery started brewing special beers in 2016. The brewery was then located directly behind the kitchen of the restaurant. When the scale of the beer brewing increased considerably , it was decided to move the brewing kettles to a larger location, one hundred meters away, on the same premises.

Come by and taste one of our Homeland beers on tap or visit our store De Kombuis and take some beers home. You can also find our beers at some hospitality locations and the cans in some supermarkets.

Not in the area? We deliver!

The Homeland beers

Our brew kettles produce  a recurring variety of beers and every now and then a new one. Currently we have on tap: 

Ketelbinkie Session Neipa A duffel bag filled with citra, rakau and lemon drop, an adventurous character ready for the big voyage. Fresh and especially fruity appearance with traces of oats and wheat. A perfect beer to get home. alcohol 3.5%

Spelt Also known as wild wheat or ancient grain, Spelt has a fresh scent. This grain gives the beer a full and creamy taste with a fruity lime. It is a light summer beer with a lot of flavour and little alcohol. Made with spelt, barley, Hallertau hops and yeast. alcohol 4.5%

Amsterdams Wit An high fermentation white beer. Seasoned with coriander, orange and lemon zest. Full of wheat and oats. With its 5% alcohol, easy to drink another one while enjoying the sun. Great with a slice of lemon. alcohol 5%

Pieremegoggel Saison Dry beer with typical Saison yeast profile. The Citra hops give it a fresh scent, and the hibiscus a light acidity and distinctive color. Tasty, special and very drinkable beer! alcohol 5.9%

Brassers Blond This sweet-toned blonde has signed on with Homeland and sails all year round. A blond beer with strong German hop accents rolling over your tongue. Already a familiar appearance in Amsterdam and awarded with a silver medal in the 2022 Dutch Beer Challenge! alcohol 6.4%

Katzwijm IPA This IPA is quite hoppy because of the American hops and light in colour due to the light malts. It has a resinous and fruity scent with a slight bitterness. A smooth, balanced IPA. alcohol 6.5%

Zeebonk Neipa The brewery’s flagship has smoothly and softly been defying the elements for years. Our Zeebonk is not a bitter personality and always directs its greedy gaze to a horizon where the fruit beckons. Throw your head in the wind! alcohol 7.1%

More about the brewery

In case you have specific questions, please email us: info@brouwerij-homeland.amsterdam.