Behind our restaurant you can see the shining kettles of the Homeland brewery. Here we brew our exclusive craft beers in small batches. Our beers are only available at a small selection of special bars in Amsterdam. And off course the bar in Homeland is the first place where you'll find them. 

Are you coming over for dinner? Let our staff surprise you with excellent beer pairings for each dish.

The Homeland beers

Our brewery produces an ever changing array of special brews. At the moment these are the available beers:

Spelt beer: A light-colored, high yeasting beer resembling a Weizen where the wheat is replaced with the ancient whole grain spelt. 

Pale Ale: A top-fermented beer with a distinctive hop taste. This amber colored pale ale is relatively low on alcohol: 4,6%. Only English hop varieties are used for this beer.

Jerrey's Tripel: This new tripel (7,1%) is the result of a co-op between our brew master and Jerry, our kitchens head-chef. It's the ultimate beer to accompany a meal. 

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