My name is Cil, short for Priscilla and I love to draw and paint.

The material that I love most to create my artworks on is wood.

The natural feeling, the care and patience it needs whilst drawing

on wood are a perfect match for me using millimetre thin ink pens.


My drawings and paintings are filled with graphic patterns.

These are all details of structures I see around me in my every day life.

I use my background in photography and graphic design to transform the inspiration

I find in nature and architecture into the graphic patterns that define my artworks.


Creating a world on wood, walls, paper but also designing clothing & leather burning.

As I grow older, I grow as a creative... as an individual being.

And with age the boundaries in expressing my creativity in one specific discipline seem to fade.

I aim to always keep an open vision, regarding style, technique and discipline, the future is a journey.


When it comes to inspiration and influences, I am inspired by life, the duality in people‚Äôs characters,

the struggle, the joy, euphorism, doubt, challenge, disappointment, to overcome, to challenge oneself.

From all this I try to create a mixture of female intrigue, darkness and wonder.

This leads me to create a whimsical yet clear representation of my elusive world.