Building 025 (Van Rijn) is remarkably comparable with building 006 (Pension Homeland).

Both were built between 1966 and 1968 during the second phase of the redevelopment of the Marine Etablissement in Amsterdam.

The designs were made by the engineering and architectural firm F.F. de Weger.

The officers stayed in building 006, and the non-commissioned officers found a temporary home in building 025.

Rank differences played a major role in the Navy, so the quarters were strictly separated.

It was therefore extra special that "De Gouden Bal", as building 025 was called, was later opened to all different ranks.

The 'All Ranks Bar', which was located on the ground floor, was a meeting place where the various ranks could interact.

In 2011, the building was completely renovated by the previous owners, the Royal Navy. This did not happen to its sister building 006. It is wonderful to see how different both buildings have turned out.

Both buildings belong to the part of the Marineterrein that was transferred to the Central Government Real Estate Agency in 2016 and became part of the city.

We are overjoyed that Pension Homeland was granted the chance to turn this fascinating building into Serviced Apartments Van Rijn.