Are you looking for a place for a longer stay in Amsterdam? 

Van Rijn serviced apartments are ideal to a stay from 1 week to 6 months minus one day. 

Students, graduates, academics, interns, teachers, professionals and non-professionals, everybody is welcome at Van Rijn! Our main focus are guests of the companies situated on or around the Oosterdok and members of the Marineterrein community get priority. 

Van Rijn can become your home for a while!

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Van Rijn is located in building 025 on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. There is an exceptional tranquility on the site, so close to the center of Amsterdam. Located on the banks of the IJ-river with a beautiful view of the water and the skyline of Amsterdam, the old Marineterrein is an exceptional place to stay.

Van Rijn has a host that welcomes you, shows you the way and helps you with all kinds of questions.

Next to the building you will find a state of art fitnessgarden that was built in April 2018. It provides equipment for weight training and climbing. You can workout to your heart’s content.

Van Rijn, is a few hundred meters from Pension Homeland. As a guest of Van Rijn you are of course welcome in Pension Homeland for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or to taste our home-brewed beer in the cafe and enjoy live music. Pension Homeland offers meeting rooms for meetings for both large and small groups.