From November 30th 2017 till January 21st 2018 The Amsterdam Light Festival will take place. During this event for both young and old the inner city turns into a true open-air light exhibition. Works of art and installations by contemporary (international) artists, designers and architects light up Amsterdam City center.

This year the land exhibition of the Amsterdam Light Festival takes places right next to us on the Marineterrein. From December 14th 2017 till January 7th 2018 you can admire 15 unique light artworks. There will also be pavilions with information and warm drinks, a waterways across the inner harbor and an exhibition on the previous editions of the festival. More than enough reasons to have lunch or dinner at Pension Homeland or just to stop by and enjoy one of our home brewed beers!

Visit the land exhibition on the Marineterrein and discover both the art pieces as well as the historical naval grounds.

Visit the water exhibition and enjoy the beautiful installations both on and around the Amsterdam canals.